lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Playing revival? Do u like music from 70s-80s-90s?

Yes ... by that time I was breaking a very thin. Wet clothes weighed aroung 191 lb for the poor almost 1.70 m in height. Wasp-waisted jeans label Levi's and Diesel colors, Lacoste polo shirts and music of those times. Those times when DJ was a profession for a few ... the truth is that it was not easy to start ... especially without support from parents.

1987, it took real-scene contact with the fortune of having the best teachers of each site. Many of them anonymous, unknown to a large majority. They were the masters of the clubs and every night was spectacular with those phenomena.

[caption id="attachment_40" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Belt Turntables, a long time ago... Lenco Belt Turntables, a long time ago...[/caption]

Them and the masters of the megamix, Tony Peret & JM Castells, I took to this little taste of music, sharing colorful events, which has made me a true SUV over mixes.

I remember with special affection for those who were kind enough to teach me without expecting anything in return, transmitting knowledge. Emphasize the guilty that I have liked both the issues of 60/70/80, DJ Pelu, the Uruguayan Carlos Sosa, the same as me how to play "billiard" ( in that never I could not even win a miserable game).

[caption id="attachment_34" align="alignleft" width="240"]A cartridge, used in radio to save&play ads A cartridge, used in radio to save&play ads[/caption]

This DJ showed me how to distinguish styles unknowned at the momment to me, explained that it is the Funky, Soul, R&R. .. groups, rhythms, styles ... very pleasant experiences while on my knowledge was nurtured in the mixtures and electronic music (the "march" was known how those parts at that time). It was a wonderful symbiosis.Personally, I allowed to carry out several parties of the "Noche de la Nostalgia", although I admit that I also formed part of the "Noche de la AntiNostalgia", the opposite movement, lol.

What to say ... I love the music of our time. Although it was very electronic (I had my steps and Techno Machine), i was always around the house and progressive in all its forms, almost always in the business.

Here I leave a supply of Maxi Remember, session topics that will bring more than a memory. Speaking of memories ... do not forget to hire me for your next event Old Hits, nights of nostalgia ... Call me at (+34) 663 379 731 (WhatsApp Welcome) and we arranged the date right now.

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