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NOTE: Também falo Português, je parle aussi le français (un peu moins), parlo italiano (un po 'meno ancora, ho capito) y mi lengua madre, español.

I started as DJ in 1987 ... many years ago, when the world was the world and have seen Star Wars and was a child.

During my life in Asturias (northern Spain) listened on the radio some remixes and megamixes. In fact, Max Mix 4 has been my way to start my starting point ... say greatly motivated me to get to know things like this, which I molded later in the Planeta 92.8FM and La Mega 107.4FM Mix, among others.

Before to play music, i learned technical aspects like solder connectors, differences between noises, ecualization, compression and much more. All DJ's must be, at least, an idea about it.

After those happy and innocent days (did think only need to push a button, hehehe), time to learn all that i need to be a PRO DJ. I've had one of the best mentors around the world, Mr. Milton Caldera, an uruguayan teacher from school. He explained me all about technical aspects. Before starts to play a song, i learned to weld RCA & PLUG connectors, transistors, capacitors & all related to amplify the right sound.

He shown me the difference between brilliance & treble, use squakers to get better mids, best subwoofers with best excursion, coils rewind, different ways to work, mono or stereo... really, i think today than those teach was the best knowledge that a real DJ must have it. During this time, i was a mix between kitman and speaker. It was really amazing & i'm grateful to him, because these times marked a difference.

After it, i started playing cassettes (yes.. you read fine, those old sources :-D), using tape with pitch, a screwdriver to adjust header, and first turntables i used were a pair of Technics SL-BD22, a belt turntables with no-easy management to play.... long time ago

1998 was a big start, once a time i bought LP's & Maxis, i did play music some birthdays, private party friends & some others, until a disco owner give me an opportunity. After it, i never left to play music around the world & work as a radio DJ Speaker.

I learned listen the best ones!!! Marcelo Ballá, Daniel Podestá, Gabriel Abella, Carlos Sosa, José P. Ferrando, Carlitos... great DJ's at the end of eighties!!!

Many DJ's of today started with me or get some knowledges to increase their experience. It's really wonderful that some of them are good or star DJ's today, of course, they made the rest & best, like José García a.k.a. DJ Negro, Fernando Picón. a.k.a. Sferik, Eppu Rantalainen a.k.a. DJ Eppu...

Some places:


  • Many discos as a resident DJ, called Baires, Frenesí, Espejismo, Calypso, Isidoro, Zodíaco, McFly, Mix in Montevideo Uruguay.

  • Moby Dick and La Laguna, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

  • ZYX y Pepe in Atlántida, Uruguay.

  • La France 1993, Buenos Aires

  • Coco's Club 1992, Itajaí, Brazil


  • Rock Club Disco in Marbella, Málaga.

  • Frank's Corner Club in Marbella, Málaga.

  • Fuengirola, Marbella y Málaga Fairs. Stands of Ropero, Naútico, Del Pueblo, La Casona, Peña Cortijo de Torre.

  • Marriott´s Hotel Beach in Urb Marbella del Este, Summer Party. Marbella, Málaga.

  • Kempinski Hotel, Christmas&New Year's Party. Privates meetings of royal arabian families. Estepona, Málaga.

  • Many discos in Puerto Marina, called Taiche, Zona, Ikebana, Maracas, Maná, Shabanna’s, Maracaibo, Kaleido House Club in Benalmádena.

  • Atrévete Disco in Torremolinos, Málaga.

  • La Moncloa Disco Pub in Mijas, Málaga.

  • Arabic Wedding in Milla de Oro with Jordania's Royal presences & others. Sound&Light Manager. Marbella, Málaga.

  • 70&80's parties, Motown and customes in many private places of Estepona, Málaga.

  • Hebrew Youth Party in Funny Beach, Marbella, Málaga.

  • Loft Disc,o Marbella, Málaga.

  • Taco Loco, Puerto Banús, Málaga.

  • Puerto Banús beach, a rave with best spanish DJ´s, Puerto Banús, Málaga.

  • La Fragata, Salones Duquesa Gran Lujo, Almirante Lujo, Africano & Popa Los Maite. More than 1000 private parties, including weddings, communions, events of religious communities including Hebrew, Indian, Sports Associations - In addition, made New Year Party 2003 in the resort of Los Maite. Torremolinos & Benalmádena Costa, Málaga.

  • Presentation Torremolinos Convention Centre, 1 European Championship Paste and Pizza, Torremolinos, Málaga.

  • Introducing political candidate Aloha Puerto Hotel Benalmadena Costa, Malaga.

  • Hotel Benalmádena Palace, celebración de bodas. Benalmádena, Málaga.

  • Presentation of the 15th Anniversary of Maracas Bar in Puerto Marina, Benalmadena.

  • Mad.Bear 2010 in Chiringuito Los Gallegos, Torremolinos.

  • Maracas Los Álamos Disco, Torremolinos, Málaga.

  • Youth Stand, Ronda Fair, Málaga

  • Old Town Club in Fuengirola, Málaga.

  • Lounge Restaurante El Higuerón, Fuengirola, Málaga.

  • Málaga Airport, Good Morning People Party!!! Free-Shops Stores.

  • Actually 2nd best electronic DJ in Spain into A.C.M.E. & netlabels competition

  • Nominated together DJ FaFa to Graffiti Music Awards 2013, REMIX category

  • La Habana de Hemingway, Puerto Banús, Marbella.

  • Jammin' Bar, Playamar, Torremolinos.

  • Be Flat Costalago, Playamar, Torremolinos.
Of course... these places are only ones i remember :-D

Next Time:

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Jordy Max - From 1987 playing good music.
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